Saturday, January 27, 2007


Did you ever think about where the term bad, nappy hair comes from and why it has been applied to our hair more than others? You remember statements that people made like “that nappy head boy or girl”, “you sure have bad hair”. You know there was no bad hair before the American slave system was created. I don’t think we were allowed to bring any hair grooming tools with us on the slave system ships. So when we got here the slave system master let us use his comb on our hair. Can’t you imagine what it was like back then, no oils, moisturizers, hair conditioners, etc, just our hair and the European comb? When the slave system master saw how we were struggling so hard with his comb he began to say, “you sure have some bad hair” or “look at that kinky, nappy hair”. They never said they should come up with some other comb/brush design that would work better on our hair then their comb. Well the sad part is that from that time to the present we didn’t think about it either. That tells you a lot about what the slavery system can do to a people. It also tells you how important the Kakakiki KombBrush is. It is the only comb/brush in the world that is designed and patented specifically for Black textured hair today. We don’t need to wait on someone to raise us up we can do it ourselves. Just follow the example of the Kakakiki KombBrush instead of letting others tell us how bad we are just do positive things for each other. OAKLAND IS MOVING FORWARD. Order your Kakakiki KombBrush now. _

"Copyright" 2006 Edward Howard