Monday, February 21, 2011


Below are excerpts of the talk I gave at the Joyce Gordon Gallery Poetry Fest and Chauncey Bailey Book Fair in Oakland CA on Saturday, February 19, 2011.
Based on your response and comments, we are growing but you must do better. Understand the Slave System was created for Black People and the singular word “Slave” is a powerful word in the Slave System. You must tell someone everyday that you no longer accept the word “Slave” when it is used to describe us and our forefathers and mothers.

Keep talking about eliminating the word “Slave” every chance you get. Each time you do this you are counterfeiting the word “Slave” and every time you keep using the singular word “Slave” as related to Black people, you are helping the Slave System. If you keep doing this we can make a big change to the Slave System that has been drilled into us and all other people from every way that you can imagine.

You see how other ethnic groups come here and look down on us along with the people that are already here. Can’t you see how people will respect you more when they see us taking the lead in telling the world that we will not accept any one other than ourselves to define our past? No one can tell you your forefathers and mothers were Slaves when it is obvious they were placed in a Slave System.

Why do all the books say “Slave” instead of “Slave System”? Because the word “Slave” keeps you and everyone feeling negative about us and our past and the words “Slave System” keeps you alert and reminds everyone that you know what time it is. When you show that you know what the game is then you will find that the people who are running the game will not try it on you.

So keep on pushing and let me know how you are affecting people in your area. Before you know it we will have a movement across this USA and maybe the world. We changed the word “Negro” to “Black” by refusing to be called by that name and open up a lot of barriers in the slave system against us. We can do it again especially you young people.

I am calling on you and all Black teachers, writers, actors, poets, entertainers, hip hop, activist, commentators, spoken word, etc to join with me using your skills to put the word out that we will not accept the word “SLAVE”any more.

Much Respect
Ed Howard