Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kakakiki KombBrush Speaks to Students

The Kakakiki KombBrush received a letter from a retired schoolteacher living in Grand Hills CA, but she grew up in Oakland. She is now teaching Afro American History at the school she retired from. In her class format is a section on inventions. She stated that she would like to share the Kakakiki KombBrush with her class. She also asked “If you have time we would like for you to send our students some words of wisdom and encouragement. We have 28 students in our class and we want them to know that a race without a history is lost and we want them to learn our history so they can pass it on”. Well here is Kakakiki KombBrush words of wisdom and encouragement to the class and also to Oakland and the Bay school students, Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, Preachers, etc.
Let’s begin a movement which request that in every book in our schools that refer to us as SLAVES, SLAVERY be changed to read “SLAVE SYSTEM”. How can you expect a child to learn with confidence when you start them off in school describing them to all of the other students with a word that is completely untrue to the historical facts? Our forefathers were not SLAVES but they were placed in a SLAVE SYSTEM. The dictionary describes the word SLAVE, “one who is submissive or subject to a specified person or influence.” It also describes the word SYSTEM, “is a set of principles rules, procedures, laws or the like.” Now you tell me if my ancestors here in America were SLAVES or were they in a SLAVE SYSTEM. So Black students and all other students who understand what Kakakiki KombBrush is saying here can stand up and ask your school to make the changes to the books. Let the Kakakiki KombBrush be your symbol for Knowledge and Positive Speak. OAKLAND IS MOVING FORWARD. Pass this information on to others, lets start something.

"Copyright" 2006 Edward Howard