Friday, February 16, 2007

Kakakiki KombBrush & The Hip-Hop Community

By Ed Howard
The Kakakiki KombBrush would like to say, “Praise is do to the Hip-Hop community. You are the only group in the Black community that is developing an industry. You are in every major city and town in America. Not only are you creating your music, you are also creating clothing styles, clothing companies, perfumes, cosmetics, movies, TV shows, record labels, writers, copy rights, diamond companies, etc. No other Black group in America is producing as many jobs as you are. Keep your Hip-Hop attitude - it will help you stay strong while you are developing. Don’t listen to the negative speak.
Haven’t you noticed that every time a brother starts to make some money the negative speak comes out “Every one can’t be a basketball player”, “That Hip-Hop music is bad”, That Kakakiki KombBrush looks funny”. When I was a young man people would say, “James Brown music is bad music”, when Elvis Pressley started copying James Brown’s and made all the money those same people praised Elvis Pressley. Don’t give others a chance to take from you that which you created. The Kakakiki KombBrush is created for Black textured hair (See Advertisement on this page) so don’t let some other people sell it to you and make all the money because you didn’t buy it when it was Black owned. Hip-Hop community keep doing what you are doing and you will develop and your kids will be even better because you will be able to pass on REAL GAME to them. OAKLAND IS MOVING FORWARD.

"Copyright" 2006 Edward Howard