Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Radio Interview for the West Oakland Stories

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If you know anyone who lived in West Oakland in the 40's, 50's and 60's who will come on our TV show and talk about these positive times give us a call at 510 734-9759 or email us at kakakiki@pacbell.net.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Below are excerpts of the talk I gave at the Joyce Gordon Gallery Poetry Fest and Chauncey Bailey Book Fair in Oakland CA on Saturday, February 19, 2011.
Based on your response and comments, we are growing but you must do better. Understand the Slave System was created for Black People and the singular word “Slave” is a powerful word in the Slave System. You must tell someone everyday that you no longer accept the word “Slave” when it is used to describe us and our forefathers and mothers.

Keep talking about eliminating the word “Slave” every chance you get. Each time you do this you are counterfeiting the word “Slave” and every time you keep using the singular word “Slave” as related to Black people, you are helping the Slave System. If you keep doing this we can make a big change to the Slave System that has been drilled into us and all other people from every way that you can imagine.

You see how other ethnic groups come here and look down on us along with the people that are already here. Can’t you see how people will respect you more when they see us taking the lead in telling the world that we will not accept any one other than ourselves to define our past? No one can tell you your forefathers and mothers were Slaves when it is obvious they were placed in a Slave System.

Why do all the books say “Slave” instead of “Slave System”? Because the word “Slave” keeps you and everyone feeling negative about us and our past and the words “Slave System” keeps you alert and reminds everyone that you know what time it is. When you show that you know what the game is then you will find that the people who are running the game will not try it on you.

So keep on pushing and let me know how you are affecting people in your area. Before you know it we will have a movement across this USA and maybe the world. We changed the word “Negro” to “Black” by refusing to be called by that name and open up a lot of barriers in the slave system against us. We can do it again especially you young people.

I am calling on you and all Black teachers, writers, actors, poets, entertainers, hip hop, activist, commentators, spoken word, etc to join with me using your skills to put the word out that we will not accept the word “SLAVE”any more.

Much Respect
Ed Howard

Sunday, January 02, 2011


We take this opportunity to congratulate all of you for being committed to speaking out about the Slave System.
We will mail a certified FREE Kakakiki KombBrush to you, this will establish that you are committed to speaking out saying that you are not accepting our ancestors being call slaves, but you are saying instead that they were placed into a Slave System.

In celebration of the Kakakiki KombBrush 10th Anniversary we want to congratulate all of you for being amongst the first to show that you are a stand up and speak–up person. We want you to have something to prove that you are one of the first to start this movement of breaking down the slave system. Visit our blog for the Slave System newsletters.

The Kakakiki KombBrush is a great symbol to represent this movement. Why the KombBrush? Because Dr. Willie Marrow wrote a book back in the 70s called “400 Years Without a Comb” he could have said “400 Years in the Slave System” and it would have meant the same thing. Well the Kakakiki KombBrush is the first comb/brush designed and patented for the many textures of black people’s hair and the fact that it took this long for us to have a comb/brush designed by us for our hair and available to us in the current market is proof that we have been and are still in a Slave System.

Your Free certified Kakakiki KombBrush with our 10th anniversary seal will serve as proof that you are speaking and standing up to bring us together in our struggle to break down the Slave System. Place it in a safe place so that you may show in the future years that you are one of the first to champion this movement.

Go here to our website ORDER PAGE to order your FREE Kakakiki KombBrush. You must type in SLAVE SYSTEM in the comment box when you order.

Did you know the African Hair Pick is more then 5000 years old? http://www.kakakiki.com/images/Archaeology_ivory_Comb_.jpg

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Can Change the Slave System

In America we have more Black college graduates, more than in any other part of the World. So you see the problem is not education, the problem is understanding the Slave System. What I am doing here is getting you started on a journey that will make you feel very proud of yourself if you begin to practice not accepting the words “Slave” and “Slavery” in regards to our foremothers and fathers. Use “Slave System” or “Slavery System” to replace the words “Slave” and “Slavery”.

I know what I am talking about because I was part of the 60’s that helped changed the word “Negro” to “Black”. Believe me there were Black people who did not want to change the Slavery System at that time. So I am talking only to the people who are open. No negative response is accepted. No time to argue with each other as the Slavery System has taught us to do under the deception of “Let’s be intelligent, I have the right to express my opinion, let’s discuss this matter, you must have something to hide, etc, etc.”

To the people who have other opinions, try to do something with your opinion and see how much work it takes to make something happen. Could that be why we hear so much talk?

Go to my website http://www.kakakiki.com and see that I am serious about what I believe. I will produce and make things happen.

Pass this newsletter on to other people like you who aim to do something other then talk.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Changed "Negro" to "Black", Changing "Slavery" to” "Slave System"

We need to stop everyone from saying our forefathers and mothers were slaves. They were in a Slavery System. The Slavery System was created to keep you thinking a certain way. Our ancestors felt like most human beings but the Slavery System controlled them like they were inhuman. If you are a Black person, just picture yourself in the beginning of the Slavery System time and I am sure you will say that you did not feel like a “Slave” but you definitely felt how the Slavery System controlled every aspect of your life.

Well we can change this aspect of the Slavery System and it’s not that difficult. Just start telling everyone whom you talk to that you don’t use the words “Slave” or “Slavery”, you use “Slave System” or Slavery System”.

I know this method works because that’s what we did to the word “Negro” in the 60’s. We stopped saying “Negro” and said “Black People”. We can say what to call our Ancestors; no one outside of our race can define us. How can someone else say what to call our forefathers and mothers better than we can?

Do not hesitate to begin this process right now by going to my website www.kakakiki.com to let me know you are with me and sign in to the box at top of page to get a detailed description of the Slavery System and also I will keep you informed of our progress.

Some of Your Comments

Gicela Matos:
I like the fact that you are doing something about the words that still take away some or our freedoms today. I am a person of African decent, whom has ancestors that were taken from West Africa and brought by Spain to be put in a Slave System of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Much of my family has been very affected until this day by discrimination. Discrimination must end and what you are doing makes an impact and may help to end prejudices worldwide someday. Thank you.

Karen Forest
I appreciate your passion for the positive in your request that we replace the word slave with Slavery System. Yesterday, I used your suggestion when I emailed a friend about my dad’s trip to Africa and described how overwhelmed he was as he visited the places that our ancestors were forced into the Slavery System instead of saying that they became slaves.

Regine Beauboeuf
I really hope you do visit our Florida Memorial University campus. As an inventor, entrepreneur and someone who seeks to empower, you have much wisdom to share with a school that has lived through all types of trials to grow and change the lives of so many. Plus FMU has a School of Education and produces many teachers. The "Slave System" message should resonate strongly here.
Best wishes. I'll stay tuned to the newsletter.

Dr Cov
Racism is a large institution that permeates our cultural institutions and is like a chameleon in that it adapts to the socio-cultural environment by altering its expression, but it is always there. The inequities are best understood in the context of systemic race biases which have always favored Whiteness as the structure for informing thinking and decision-making in our society.

I welcome your comments

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826tpNNrCF0
to see the Africa that is not shown to our children or to the general public.

Go to my website kakakiki.com and sign up with your email address for this newsletter so that I may continue to expose you to how the Slave System works. Remember stop using the words "Slave" and "Slavery", replace them with the words "Slave System".

Pass this email on to all your contacts.


We think all text books in our schools should be changed to reflect the true description of our existence in America. Don’t use the word “slave” or “slavery” because they only promote the SLAVE SYSTEM. As long as the educational system is teaching with the words “slavery” or “slave” to every young mind, it is easy to see why every one thinks of themselves to be better than us. The SLAVE SYSTEM starts everyone out in our country and the world thinking of us in a very negative way.

Now think about this, all our lives and in the past the term “slave” or “slavery” has been used to refer to our past here in America. Our foremothers and fathers were not slaves nor were they in slavery. They were people just like you and me, thinking, feeling and dreaming. What no one ever says is that we were placed in a “SLAVE SYSTEM”. If you say “slave system,” you will get a complete different picture of our existence here in America than if you say “slave” or “slavery”.We should be praised as a heroic people for fighting the "SLAVE SYSTEM" from our first arrival to America to the present.