Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Can Change the Slave System

In America we have more Black college graduates, more than in any other part of the World. So you see the problem is not education, the problem is understanding the Slave System. What I am doing here is getting you started on a journey that will make you feel very proud of yourself if you begin to practice not accepting the words “Slave” and “Slavery” in regards to our foremothers and fathers. Use “Slave System” or “Slavery System” to replace the words “Slave” and “Slavery”.

I know what I am talking about because I was part of the 60’s that helped changed the word “Negro” to “Black”. Believe me there were Black people who did not want to change the Slavery System at that time. So I am talking only to the people who are open. No negative response is accepted. No time to argue with each other as the Slavery System has taught us to do under the deception of “Let’s be intelligent, I have the right to express my opinion, let’s discuss this matter, you must have something to hide, etc, etc.”

To the people who have other opinions, try to do something with your opinion and see how much work it takes to make something happen. Could that be why we hear so much talk?

Go to my website and see that I am serious about what I believe. I will produce and make things happen.

Pass this newsletter on to other people like you who aim to do something other then talk.

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