Thursday, March 04, 2010


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to see the Africa that is not shown to our children or to the general public.

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We think all text books in our schools should be changed to reflect the true description of our existence in America. Don’t use the word “slave” or “slavery” because they only promote the SLAVE SYSTEM. As long as the educational system is teaching with the words “slavery” or “slave” to every young mind, it is easy to see why every one thinks of themselves to be better than us. The SLAVE SYSTEM starts everyone out in our country and the world thinking of us in a very negative way.

Now think about this, all our lives and in the past the term “slave” or “slavery” has been used to refer to our past here in America. Our foremothers and fathers were not slaves nor were they in slavery. They were people just like you and me, thinking, feeling and dreaming. What no one ever says is that we were placed in a “SLAVE SYSTEM”. If you say “slave system,” you will get a complete different picture of our existence here in America than if you say “slave” or “slavery”.We should be praised as a heroic people for fighting the "SLAVE SYSTEM" from our first arrival to America to the present.

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