Monday, April 17, 2006

Only Speaking to Positive People

I have already told you that besides the benefits the comb/brush offers for your hair, it also truly represents Knowledge, Ideas & Positive Speak (KIPS) - I know this, but I want you to know it also. If you place a comb/brush in your home and speak on KIPS to others, before you know it we will have people all over the U. S. thinking about new IDEAS and Positive Speaking about our Ancestors. (Don't say those slaves say our ancestors or forefathers and mothers, etc.) There is no room here for negative speak, if you want to say something negative take it somewhere else. We hear tons of negative talk about almost every thing we try to do. Again I am speaking only to people who are interested in being about something. Think about what I am saying. There is nothing for anyone to lose here only something to gain. I practice KIPS, you practice KIPS and you turn others on to KIPS. Let me hear from you and don't forget your FREE Kakakiki KombBrush at OAKLAND IS MOVING FORWARD.
"copyright" 2006 Edward Howard

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